Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enhance Your Web Presence

In todays market, business retailers and service providers alike have been transitioning their advertising dollars into enhancing their web presence. The number of consumers surfing the web is increasing at an astounding rate and many of them are purchasing direct from online sources.

The fact that so many people are obtaining news and information from online sources, more than the once traditional television and print media, tells us that the best place to find and inform consumers is online.

So, how do you begin to market your product or service online?

For starters, you need a web site that provides up to date information about your product or service. Many times, an initial business web site tends to appear like an online brochure. This is fine to start out. And thinking in terms of a brochure, it is wise to provide the necessary information and display some nice graphics and photos to help demonstrate your product or service. Selecting a consistent color scheme is also important. Try to stick to the color scheme for all of your marketing touch points. This will help build your brand and enable customers to quickly recognize your product or service in the marketplace.

If you already have a nice basic web site, the next step might be to enhance it in terms of layout and graphics. Professional photography can be a quick fix to add interest to your page. It is easy to spot professionally optimized images and is one of the most important details judged by customers. By adding some current images and updating the layout, your web site will have more impact and generate more buzz than before.

The most important step and goal for your web site:
The latest trend in web design is to create a more interactive experience for your customers. Determining how to incorporate some type of interactive experience can be a tricky task. But with some planning, your web site can become more than an online brochure. If you are selling products, providing a 360 Rotating Product View can be a surefire way to involve your customers. By using the mouse, customers can control the product view angle and see every detail of the item they have selected. A good idea for a restaurant owner is to provide a 360 Panoramic Photo of your establishment. Customers can take a virtual tour by moving the mouse around the image. Additionally, it is nice to show off any specialty items with a professional photograph.

Remember, the best web site for your business is the one that helps your customers identify your product or service and provides the necessary information that calls them to action.

Next up, learn how to get your new web site noticed. We will examine some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Animate Your Products Online

What comes to mind when you think of animation?

Until recently, I would think of cartoons being drawn frame by frame to create motion. Kind of like when you draw a stick figure on the bottom of pages in a note tablet. Then spin through the tablet pages and watch the animated stick figure in action.

Now days animation encompasses much more. Product Animation - If properly utilized can attract customers and increase your online sales. Simple product animation can be used in conjunction with a Rotating Product Image on your web site. This not only provides your customer with a detailed view from all angles but also demonstrates some of the moving parts at work. Many products have features that could benefit from some animation frames added to spinning images. With a little planning and some ingenuity from K&M Ltd, you can have an online showcase that provides your customers the most product detail. Just send a quick email to and find out how they can help your business grow.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rotating Products in Your Online Catalog

For many online sellers it is a daunting task to stay on top of the competition. In todays market, you have to be a product specialist; able to answer questions and provide all of the details for your customers. You have to keep up with tracking your customer orders, shipping requests and manage to restock the store. And on top of all that - You also have to be a bit techie and web savy to keep your site up to date.

So, by now you've seen them. Those 3d product shots in the other guys online catalog. Well guess what. You can have high resolution Rotating Product Photography on your site. It just takes a little planning and help from your new best friends over at K&M Ltd to walk you through the process. In fact, they will do all the legwork while you continue to run your business.

If you need Spinning Images, Traditional Product Photography, Web Design or Enhancements, it is worth a few minutes of your time to find out just how easy it can be to make some exciting changes to your company's online persona. Just send a quick email to Ask them for a FREE Rotating Product shot to use on your web site.